The Real Me

The Real Me

When you’re trying to impress a buying public one writes all sorts of formal things to introduce the writer. Here is where you read about the other Meredith Resce. Though I’ve been married now since 1983 and have not lived on the farm in all that time, I am still a farm girl at heart. You know the old saying, ‘you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl’. That’s me, much to my husband’s chagrin. I was bought up in the farm yard literally, mainly because I much preferred the cow yard, horse yard and shearing shed to the jobs I was likely to be given if I remained indoors.

Fashion and I didn’t meet until I was about 17, and then we didn’t get along very well. We still have an uneasy relationship where fashion tries to bully me into buying new clothes, and I face it down at forty paces. Sometimes it wins, usually I win. Once again to my husband’s chagrin. He is quite the shopper. For me to go to the shopping centre is a chore that must be considered for weeks in advance. I much prefer a book shop. That is quite a different story.

My role models in life were my two grandmothers and my mother. Each of these strong, courageous country women were rural community leaders, creative souls, super organised home managers and active Church members. I simply followed in their footsteps. Sometimes I look at myself and look at the normal people who live in the 21st century and wonder how I actually became stuck in that time warp. My goal in life was to be a successful wife and mother. I dedicated myself to that course for 25 years, writing a bit on the side. As the kids are all independent adults now, I had to consider another career. I don’t live in a small country community any more, so I took to the path of mature-age-student. EXTREMELY mature. I loved the youngsters during my time at university, but every now and then our conversations would stall as we will realised that we were both talking a different language. I really am a relic of the past. Hence why I wrote a lot of historical drama romance.

Since graduating university with a double degree in arts and education, I have worked at various schools doing short term teaching contracts in drama, English, history, music and media. But I much prefer the flexible role of relief or replacement teacher. This is a little less time consuming, and still gives me time to write.

And I’m a sports fan! Don’t like shopping – love the footy and cricket! What went wrong there! I’m a huge AFL fan, and used to do the Dream Team tipping each week during the footy season. If you want to know, I barrack for the Adelaide Crows. I also have 4 other teams who I follow, just in case my number one team isn’t in a winning season.

There is probably heaps more I could write about me, but this isn’t a biography. Love to hear from you, especially if you barrack for the Crows.

Me and two of my Cora Villa characters after we'd dipped them in the freezing ocean.

Me and two of my Cora Villa characters after we’d dipped them in the freezing ocean.