Shooting Cover Images

Shooting Cover Images

Over the years as each new title came out, I was also part of the process of cover design.  For the Green Valley series and a number of other titles I actually spoke to young

John and Kate from 'The Manse'

John and Kate from ‘The Manse’

people of my acquaintance who I thought might represent my characters, then organised costume fittings, hairdressers, locations and on occasion babies and animals.  It was actually all a huge amount of fun. Then I got the crazy idea that while I had these young people all dressed up in the fashion of a long gone era, I might get a video camera in action as well, and see if we couldn’t get some moving images for promotion. From there was a reasonably small step to deciding to have a try at filming a promo trailer featuring the characters from the book cover.

Colin Shore from 'Green Valley'

Colin Shore from ‘Green Valley’

The Cora Villa trailer was an organisational feat bigger than ‘Ben Hur’ almost. Once again, a huge amount of fun looking for costumes, props, locations, and actors.

Eventually I will post a number of shots taken from these photo and video shoots for you to have a look at so many images that never made it to the cover. For now here are just a few of the Green Valley characters. I hope you enjoy them.

Nicholas being rough with Cora, Ben ready to intervene - from 'Cora Villa'. Cameraman, Natahn in the foreground.

Nicholas being rough with Cora, Ben ready to intervene – from ‘Cora Villa’. Cameraman, Natahn in the foreground.