Echoes in the Valley – #6 in the Heart of Green Valley Series

Echoes in the Valley (Front Cover) - Medium

After nearly 14 years, the next chapter in the very popular ‘Heart of Green Valley’ series is now available. This story picks up about 14 years after the last story ended, 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression. Grace Shore has learned to live with the loss of her first love, and has vowed she will never love anyone else. When Johnny Laslett was killed in the Great War, so was her capacity to love. Or that is what she thought.

Alex Moreland has been on the road for two years looking for work wherever he can find it. He has his three young children in tow, and it is a struggle finding enough to provide for them, and to be able to properly look after them.

When Alex meets the Shore family, he reacts badly to Grace. Is he protecting his heart, or is there something else?

Here is a story of lost love, betrayal and hardship during a time where money is hard to come by, but so apparently is love and acceptance.

Now available from Christian Bookstores (Australia) and the Amazon kindle store.