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The Ocean Between Us


A Trinity Lakes Romance Book 2

Alanah, has set off on a trip of a lifetime.
Her best friend from high school, Sasha Kennedy, has invited her to Trinity Lakes to be part of her wedding party.
Alanah has a full schedule of adventure planned. A summer camp counselor; a trip to Canada; sight-seeing in New York and Boston; and avoiding Sasha’s twin-brother, Caleb.
But a silly accident puts Sasha out of commission, and Caleb is sent to retrieve his former high school sweetheart from the airport. Eleven years should be enough time to have cooled the love Alanah and Caleb once shared. Should be, but apparently not. This is not great considering Caleb has just announced his engagement to someone else.
Six months of avoiding Caleb—worse—avoiding feelings about Caleb—is going to be a long time.

This small town, second chance, love-triangle contemporary romance has all the Hallmark feels with the added charm of Australian cultural influence. Alanah hits the USA and realizes that actually, she’s the one with the accent, and Americans drive on the wrong side of the road.





Organized Backup

Luella Linely - License to Meddle Book 1

Regency romance author, Luella Linley, arranges her characters’ lives, making sure that they weather all storms and live happily-ever-after. Her characters are putty in her hands, but her 21st Century adult children are not so easily organized. When her daughter, Megan, asks for support with an inappropriate situation at work, Luella decides Megan should get a boyfriend to intimidate her boss. The cop who just pulled Luella over for speeding is a likely candidate.

Cam Fletcher is expecting to be interviewed by a famous author. Instead of sharing insights into his job as a police officer, he is sharing a meal with the famous author and her daughter, Megan. When left alone with Megan, Cam wonders when the interview will begin. The parents’ extended absence gives him a clue, which Megan confirms. Luella Linley is playing matchmaker, but is he willing to play the game?


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In Want of a Wife

Luella Linley – License to Meddle Book 2

The temptation to matchmake is too much to resist. Louise has one success already under her belt having introduced her other daughter, Megan, to her new husband. Now, this handsome, successful lawyer has just admitted he isn’t married. Single and in possession of a large fortune, Michael Sullivan must be in want of a wife. Louise’s second daughter, Chloe, would be just the right sort of woman for him.

There is no way Chloe will let her mother organize a blind date for her like she’d done for her sister. Chloe has her principles—and she has a ridiculous, unjust speeding ticket. The person she needs is a lawyer to help argue her case in court. Is it dishonest, when her mother’s lawyer calls and asks her on a date, to agree with ulterior motives?

Michael Sullivan has ulterior motives of his own. This all expenses paid trip to the sunny Gold Coast is merely a case of one person helping the other out—isn’t it? Everyone else might think they’re a couple, but it’s just about winning a court case—isn’t it?

Can Regency romance author, Luella Linley (AKA Louise Brooker) hit the target two times in a row? Meddling in her adult children’s lives is almost as much fun as creating fiction characters, except her children have minds of their own, and don’t always cooperate.




All Arranged

Luella Linley – License to Meddle Book 3


Regency romance author, Luella Linley (AKA Louise Brooker), should feel satisfied she has helped her two daughters marry happily. However, her successful meddling came at a price and her husband has advised she leave the children to their own devices.

But her eldest, Pete, is thirty-five, living back at home and dejected after having been jilted days before his wedding. Her responsible, hard-working and handsome son would make a good husband and father—but he’s given up after three failed relationships. He’s a good catch, but unlikely to be fooled by his mother’s scheming and meddling.

This situation calls for a direct approach. Just like in her novels, Louise decides the parents should do the arranging and sort out the wheat from the chaff. 

Carrie Davis is a dedicated career woman and hasn’t had time for relationships. However, her sister, Ellen, is now happily married with a delightful little girl and for the first time, Carrie finds loneliness stalking her. Ellen want’s the best for Carrie, so when she comes across an odd advert in the classifieds, she wonders if it is a prank or an opportunity sent from heaven.

“Wanted. For a social experiment. A family arranged marriage.”


He, She and Meant to be

Michele’s parents are off for six months of touring and have left him alone to manage house and farm. Is he up to living on his own and doing for himself? Just when he’s decided it is a good challenge, his sister, Kelly, reminds him that the temporary replacement teacher at the local school, Charlie Winters, will be occupying his parents’ end of the house. A little company will be okay.

But when Michele meets Charlie, it’s all wrong. Charlie is an attractive young woman who is expecting to share a house with Michelle, not a condescending, equally attractive, young man who insists that he be called Mitch.

It’s all Kelly’s fault for insisting on using his Italian name, and who calls their daughter Charlie, anyway?

Sharing a house is out of the question, but is the alternative any better?

A case of mistaken identity, and a freak storm throw Mitch and Charlie together and their determined efforts to avoid each other are overthrown.

A sweet contemporary romance.



Falling for Maddie Grace


Maddie Grace has followed her passion, and against all odds has become the first female professional football umpire in Australia. Her high level of skill has earned her place, despite critics who say that women have no place on a football field, inhabited by thirty-six strong, fearless and often reckless men.

When an on-field accident sees her caught up in play, and on the receiving end of a blow to the head that knocks her out, Maddie’s career is in jeopardy—not because of the accident, but because of the young man who knocked her out.

Zac Beecham is one of Australia’s most loved professional sports stars. He’s used to the intrusive paparazzi who seem determined to ferret out some dark and dirty secret where there is none. Having been open about his faith and Christian morals, he knows he is a target. So when he ends up on top of Maddie Grace, dazed and in a stupor from concussion, the media pounce on the visual images and decide to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Ridiculous headlines: Zac’s secret love affair with the ref – investigation into corrupt umpiring.

Dodging headlines is one thing, but dodging Maddie Grace is another.


Green Valley


Emily Wallace has been given a choice. Either she marries the much older widower, as her father has asked, or she will be sent to live with her aunt in Australia.

Emily knows Lord Derikson is not to be trusted, but her father does not believe her. Even with tales of wild animals and convicts, Emily chooses to sail half way round the world, to live with a woman she has never met, in an untamed land.


Colin Shore has never met anyone quite so elegant or beautiful. The moment he first saw her on the dock, he fell in love with Lady Emily Wallace. But he would never presume she could be a part of his life. After all, she is a lady and he is only a farmer.

The second novel in the Heart of Green Valley series.




The Manse

Fin--The-Manse-MR-632x900 smooth font

Kate has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know, especially the new minister – the man who has taken her father’s position.

John Laslett has arrived in Green Valley in his first appointment as the new parish minister. He has been employed by the patron lady, Vera Wallace, and she has seen to all his needs. But there is something strange about the housekeeper she has sent.

Kathryn is an efficient housekeeper, but John cannot seem to break through the cold exterior. Something is wrong, but he doesn’t know what.

Historical romance set in colonial Australia


Echoes in the Valley

WP Book EITV14 years since losing love.

It has been fourteen years since the end of the Great War, and Grace doesn’t think she will ever get over losing the love of her life. She is a committed spinster aunt, despite her mother’s attempts to introduce her to eligible bachelors. When a stranger comes to town looking for work, her mother is immediately alert to possibilities. Grace admits he is handsome, but their first encounter was enough to put her off him for life. Alex has been on the road with his three children for nearly two years, looking for work where he could find it. Times are tough and work hard to come by. Charlie Shore gave him hope he would find something long term — As long as it doesn’t involve Charlie’s sister, another opportunistic spinster looking for a man. He’s not going to fall for it.

Things change when circumstances throw Alex and Grace together to survive. 

But Alex has a secret that could destroy them all.  And now Grace has a secret—one that won’t stay hidden.



Where There's Smoke


After three years, Chris is returning home because of a bushfire crisis threatening his family farm. The danger level is extreme both to himself and the property, almost as extreme as the danger that his heart will be broken all over again.

Sally hasn’t seen Chris in three years, and she hasn’t forgiven him for just disappearing with no explanation. But he chooses today – the day when their neighbouring properties are in the path of a raging bushfire – to return.

She wants to demand an explanation, but with the smoke and flames bearing down on them, now is the time for defending their homes and stock – and each other.


Mortal Insight

WP Book MI

Detective Sergeant Steve Keller has begun to see things. He desperately hopes the visions mean something and not that he’s going crazy.

But the visions don’t go away, and when they start meaning something more, Steve finds himself caught in an investigation way bigger than he ever imagined.

As the pieces begin to fit together, something dangerous emerges. He can’t hide what he knows, but to expose it doesn’t just stir up controversy, it provokes someone who lurks in the shadows; someone who will kill to keep this information quiet.

Mortal Insight, E.B. James new novel, brings you conspiracy, crime, action and asks the question: when your life is at stake, are some truths worth bringing out into the open?


The Schoolmaster's Bride


Widowed and desperate for work, Dianne Pierceson arrives in Carlton as the new schoolteacher, hoping to forget the pain of her loss.

Before long, she hears whispers about the Schoolmaster's wife and her mysterious disappearance.

The Schoolmaster is hiding something behind his stern exterior, but she finds it difficult to believe her handsome employer is as bad as the rumours suggest.

However unsettling these tales are, Dianne has nowhere else to go and must find a way to uncover this dark mystery.

A moving and suspenseful drama about secrets, loss and a woman who is not afraid to seek the truth.


Mellington Hall

When Sarah Montgomery finds a man lying half-dead in the snow, she doesn’t stop to think of the consequences of trying to save his life.

But being a Good Samaritan to a stranger yields nothing but trouble. In her parents’ absence, she struggles against a deadly fever and a vicious snow-storm, doing her best to save the life of a stranger.

But when her self-righteous neighbours eventually come to see how she fared during the storm, they draw a very different conclusion, and before she knows it, her reputation is in tatters, and she has been cast out of the church and her home.

Alone and destitute, Sarah is determined to seek work as a servant from the man whose life she has saved. But all is not well for the master of Mellington Hall. Someone wants Lord Alan Mellington dead, and he doesn’t know who or why. The only person he seems to be able to trust is the gamekeeper’s daughter, Sarah Montgomery, who has intervened to save his life not once but twice.


For All Time

Analiese is young, independent, funny, outspoken and intelligent.

And it may just get her killed...

When young Australian doctor, Analiese, goes on the trip of a lifetime, touring the UK with her sister, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. After being trapped by a cave-in at one of England's famous historic castles, Analiese and castle stunt-rider, Adam manage to make their way back to the surface, only to discover that something is not right.

It is the right castle, but the wrong time.

And now, the unlikely pair are stuck in the sixteenth century, a time when superstition and witch-hunt hysteria are at their peak. While Adam's years of employment posing as an historical knight may help him fake his way through, Analiese is everything a woman of the sixteenth century should not be: outspoken, independent, and a doctor.

And Matthew Hopkins, the famous witch hunter, has just come to town...


How Sweet The Sound

WP Book HSTSAn uprising has separated the island of Terranin from the mainland rule, bringing it under the control of the rebel leader, Lucien. What was once a land of prosperity has been devastated by Lucien’s lust for power, pleasure and control. Blinding the people with his attractive lies, Lucien is turning the once peaceful land into one of fear, madness and darkness.

Disguised as a commoner, Justin, grandson of the King, the one man with the authority to destroy the evil rule, enters Terranin and challenges Lucien’s control. But Lucien’s desire for power is surpassed only by one thing: his hatred for the King.

In a power play between purity, betrayal and deceit, Lucien goes after the very thing Justin cares for most: Christina.


Cora Villa

WP Book CVIt’s all arranged: Marriage to a man she’s never met.

Garrison Stewart is looking forward to the day when his daughter, Cora, will be wed to his former neighbour's son, just as had been arranged fifteen years ago.

But that arrangement had been made before Cora had grown up,

before the Stewarts had immigrated to Australia,

and before Cora had fallen in love with someone else.

Now, Cora is forced to choose between the love of her father and the love of a mysterious who is all too secretive about his past...

A new historical romance that examines duty, deceit and desire in 19th century Victoria, from Australian author Meredith Resce.


One Remarkable Year


A bushfire threatens the small rural community of Melrose, and a reporter is sent to cover the crisis as it unfolds. But Clarrie Brown isn’t just any unrelated journalist. In fact, as he enters the town environs he is caught up in a vision of the past, the years he spent as a boy, growing up in this town.

One Remarkable Year brings the Australian country town to life in the 1960’s; a time when the modern era of social revolution emerged to take the place of the traditions and ways of generations past.

Here is a story about a real town, with real characters and real spirit. Based on many local yarns, One Remarkable Year will give you the general impression of the character and feel of life in Melrose over past years. Some of the stories recounted are based on fact; the rest could very likely have happened.

Melrose is not just a place